Vegetarian Recipes are Good for Your Body and Your Taste Buds

Welcome to Delicious Vegetarian Recipes! Were you told by your doctor to cut down on how much meat you eat? Do you tend to eat a plant-based diet to support animal rights or be more green?

There are many different reasons to be a vegetarian, but regardless of how we all got here, ones thing’s for sure: what we eat should be delicious and nourishing!

What you can find on this site:

  • Lots of Great Vegetarian Recipes

    Whether this is your first time diving into the world of vegetarian cooking, or you are a seasoned expert at making meatless dishes, you’re sure to find tons of tasty vegetarian recipes to try here.

  • Information about Becoming Vegetarian, Losing Weight and More

    You can also read about the ins and outs of a plant-based lifestyle, information on getting enough protein as a vegetarian and the various ways to lose those extra pounds. Being a vegetarian is one of the easiest ways to give your body the nourishment it deserves.

    I know there are days when we have to throw something together and make sure everyone is fed before heading out the door again. Sometimes that frantic scramble is hard to avoid so I've also come up with some quick and easy recipes to make your life easier.

  • Enjoying Food in General!

    The bottom line is that I believe food should be a fun, enjoyable experience since it's one of the only constants in our lives. After all, if we need food everyday then the better is tastes and the better it is for our bodies, the happier we feel.

    In my experience, when you cook with mainly vegetables, legumes and whole grains it takes less time and produces a more wholesome result than all the preparation that is required for making a meat dish. So at the end of the day you can give yourself a pat on the back for being vegetarian!

Nervous about ditching the meat for more veggies?

Once you cut meat out of your normal routine you are free to experiment with different flavors, ingredients and textures. You’ll be able to make delicious, well-balanced meals you didn’t even know existed before.

If you have someone in your family who is a staunch meat-eater, or you are new to the art of meatless cooking please rest assured that there are vegetarian recipes that are just as hearty, filling and yummy as your favorite beef stew. Often times they’re even easier to make too.

The meals found on this site have been tested on the most discerning of meat-eating palates: my dad. As a lifelong meat-eater, he continues to be surprised at how satisfying it can be to eat a plant-based diet. He has even moved towards eating vegetarian 75% of the time!

These recipes have been hand-crafted and perfected over years of trial and error. They have been approved both by my herbivore friends and by people who swear they’ll never give up steak and hamburgers.

Don’t be afraid to jump right in and see for yourself—and remember: you don’t have to be stuck with celery stick and rabbit food to be a vegetarian!

Table of Contents

Vegetarian Dinner Recipes
These vegetarian dinner recipes are perfect for any day of the week!
Vegetarian Breakfast Recipes
Vegetarian breakfast recipes from the perfect eggs to homemade granola!
A Vegetarian Weight Loss Diet: Eating Better for a Better You
Vegetarian weight loss diet recipes to help you stay on track!
Healthy Vegetarian Recipes
A collection of healthy vegetarian recipes I make on a regular basis!
Vegetarian Soup Recipes: the Secret to Staying Full and Slimming Down
Vegetarian soup recipes to satisfy your every mood whether hearty, wholesome, creamy or light.
Easy Vegetarian Recipes, Because Even Great Cooks Need a Break
Easy vegetarian recipes are the best way get some rest yet stay healthy.
Vegetarian Appetizers: Easy, Healthy, Delicious!
Each of these vegetarian appetizers is easy to make and tasty as all get out!
Vegetarian Christmas Recipes
These vegetarian Christmas recipes will be perfect on your holiday table!
Vegetarian Thanksgiving: 7 Holiday Recipes
Plan a perfect vegetarian thanksgiving with these 7 delicious recipes!
How to Become a Vegetarian, All the Info You Need to Get a Head Start
Learn how to become a vegetarian with these articles and tips!
Getting Vegetarian Protein: The Important Quest for Non-Meat Eaters
Vegetarian protein: how to get enough and avoid vegetarian marketing hype.
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